About Us

I am committed to making your event as enjoyable as can be for both you and your guests!

I ensure that regular communication is made between us to make a memorable your events.

I have a very smart setup which I take pride in setting up, and my lighting can be programmed if required. Lighting can be set up to be at a slow speed, or still, and set to specific colours.

I love music, and ALL types and would ask before the event if there are any particular songs you want played or any songs you wish not to be played.

I have lots of 5-star reviews


* Reliable, friendly, Smart and Professional.
* High-Quality Industry Standard Equipment and Lighting.
* Music collection covering every genre from the 1950s to the present day.
* Personalised playlist tailored before your event if required.
* On-the-spot adaptability reading an audience/playing to a crowd.
* All equipment fully PAT Tested.